Bumper Height

The intent is for bumoer to bumper contact, but I don’t see and min/max bumper height dimension. Is there a height range requirement? Or just enough to clear the ball? Thanks for any advice.

See <R07> in the 2010 manual for complete details.

And while you’re looking at <R07>, look at the definition of BUMPER ZONE, located in the same section of the Manual.

Unless I am just missing it completely, R07 does not show the height of the bumper off the ground. It shows the 5 inch height of the bumper itself. Figure 8-5 just shows it above the ball, but not a required hieght off the ground. Is it not a requirement? Thanks for the help.
Your grateful freshman mentor Tom

What is the definition of BUMPER ZONE? Hint: It’s found in Section 8.2.

This is relevant because of the definition of FRAME PERIMETER and <R07-A>, which define the location of the bumpers.

From Section 8.2 Definitions:

BUMPER ZONE – the volume contained between two virtual horizontal planes, ten inches above the floor and sixteen inches above the floor.

As a general rule, if you can’t find the specific dimensions in the rules check the definitions section for any word written in all caps in the rules.

This is one place that needs to be changed in the manual. It seems everyone is having a hard time finding it. By the way, you should also check Team Update #3 for some bumper changes.

This is no different than last year, where the BUMPER rule referred to the BUMPER ZONE definition for height placement. (The BUMPER ZONE height has changed, of course.)