Bumper Height

How high off the ground do bumpers have to be?

the BUMPER ZONE is between 1" and 7"


Thank you. Also would you happen to know if the minibot is required to remain at the top? Or can it just hit and drop?

minibot from what i read it hits the top so i guess it can fall back down safely also, it only takr brtween 2 and 4 newtons pf pressure to move the plate

our team is having the issue of finding the bumper height speculations in the manual can you please tell us where you found this ( we spent close to an hour looking for it)

section 1 of the game manual, the introduction. glossary of terms, definition of BUMPER ZONE.

The words in all capital letters (e.g. BUMPER ZONE) are defined in the Introduction (section 1) of the manual.

My team’s design for hanging tube requires having a gap in the outer frame, but after looking in the bumper rules, I found out that “100% of the outer frame perimeter” must be covered by the bumpers. The gap still allows bumpers to be attached to the outer perimeter. Is it legal to have this gap in the bumpers?

100% of the bumper perimeter must be covered. No gaps in the bumpers. Time for a redesign, I guess.

Gaps in the frame, no more than 8" long or no more than 1/4" deep behind the bumpers.