Bumper Height

So I have been looking at the rules and I am not quite getting them. I also have looked through threads and no one has really answered it. What is max height of the bumpers? THe bottom of our bumpers are 4 inches from the groun. Does this work?

BUMPERS must be located entirely within the BUMPER ZONE, which is the volume contained between the floor and a virtual horizontal plane 7in. (~17cm) above the floor in reference to the ROBOT standing normally on a flat floor. So no, your 5 inch tall bumpers must be at most 2 inches off the ground.

Thanks for the info. So we should look at it as the top of the bumpber cant be higher then 7 inches?

Correct the top can’t be higher then 7 in

While we are on the subject of Bumpers. Could someone clarify the mounting requirements. I am looking at Rule 31 at I am a little lost.

What don’t you get, 1/2 inch of the bumper ends must be supported and if you have a gap it can’t be deeper then 1/4 in OR longer then 8 in

In terms of mounting here’s a good thread from a little while ago

There is no single standard way to attach bumpers to the robot frame. The requirements are just that the mounting system is robust and that the system can be removed quickly (within five minutes is the rule).

Any number of valid solutions, but one of my favorites is to use L-brackets attached to the back of the bumpers sticking inward (away from the noodles, into the robot frame). Combine this with some hardware that is quick to install and remove (and not easy to lose) and you’re off.

For the support rule, it’s fairly simple. You cannot have a gap (>1/4") between your bumper and your frame more than every 8 inches. If you have something like a kit frame this is an easy requirement to satisfy. If you have bumpers bridging a gap in your frame, at least 1/2" of the bumper on either side of the gap must be touching (<1/4" away from) the frame perimeter.

Rule 29G covers how to attach the robot to frame. It is a little vague since it basically says secure and robust. Keep in mind if the bumpers detach or are loose and exceeds the allowed volume. you might have a problem.

R31 covers the support the frame is required to give to the bumper. The frame perimeter is a theoretical line. While the outside corners of the frame defines the frame perimeter, there can be parts of the frame perimeter that has no frame structure. The bumpers are require to contact the frame perimeter. You are required to have frame structure contacting the bumpers as shown in the pictures.

Regarding R31:

  1. The Bumper MUST be IN CONTACT with at least 1/2" of the Corner (supported).
  2. After that:
    a) Cannot be more than 1/4" away from the Frame; or
    b) No longer than 8" between points within 1/4" away from the Frame
  3. Must be at least 6" long, or length of side, whichever is shorter (R22).

Many teams do not have the Bumper IN CONTACT with the corner. A lot of Teams think that covering the corner (with a slight gap) is adequate (1/4" gap rule). A strict reading of the rule means that there can be no gap at the corner. The 1/4" gap rule does not apply to the Corner (requires being “backed”).

A few years ago 449 switched to this from the “bolts sticking through bumper wood” approach, and we are never looking back. This is the way to do it.

While we are on the subject of Bumpers. Could someone clarify the mounting requirements. I am looking at Rule 31 at I am a little lost.

rich2202’s reply should be pretty clear. what are you having an issue with?

I got it, thanks everyone for the responses. I accidentally posted the same thing twice.