Bumper Height

What is the height range of how high the bumpers around the robot can be off the ground? (From the bottom of the bumper)

Thanks in advance.

This is a repost thread of mine a little while ago. They need to be on 5" tall vertical plywood between 1" and 7" inches from the ground.

A BUMPER is 5" in height. It must remain in the BUMPER ZONE, which is a volume between two planes, 1" and 7" off the ground. Therefore the bottom of the BUMPER must be between 1" and 2" off the ground.

Direct from page section 8.2 (page 4) “Bumper Zone - The volume contained between two viryual horizontal planes, one inch above the floor and seven inches above the floor” Soo… there can only be a 1" from the floor to the bottom of the bumper. And the bumper top can only be 7" from the floor to the top of the bumper.