Bumper help

It says you need at least 8inch of bumper. Is that total on one side, or on each corner? like can i put 4inch on each side to a total of 8inches?
Also can i put a bumper on a side that has an interior angle? SO a section of the bumper goes into the robot. or only exterior angles?
Any help would be great, thanks.

it has to have at least 8in. one each side of each corner of your robot.

The first part has already been answered, so I’m going to focus on this one.

The Frame Perimeter is defined as the polygon formed by the exterior vertices in the Bumper Zone (2-10" off the floor). (blue box, [R01]). The Bumpers must attach securely to the Frame Perimeter ([R28-E]). This poses some design challenges if you want to put Bumpers on interior angles.

While there is no restriction on putting a bumper (note the case) on an interior angle, it cannot be counted as a Bumper (again, note the case) due to [R28-E]. It will count against size and weight constraints, and it will not be counted with the perimeter’s Bumpers.