Bumper Inspection Tool for 2018

This may be inside pool just for RIs, but if anyone’s interested in a handy tool for inspecting bumpers and other robot parts, I’ve just posted one on Thingiverse.

Note, this is a 3D printed object, not a tape measure. It’s not an official tool, but it’s very useful, especially for checking if a gap in support is both >8" and >1/4" along its whole length.

I think I got all the useful bumper measurements on there and kept the font legible, but let me know if I need to modify it.

Thanks for posting this. Kinda cool!

This would make checking a lot quicker, thanks for posting!

This would also be easy to make (in one piece) from 1/4" plywood or plastic.

I suggest adding the year (and perhaps the game name/logo) to this so that people are less likely to try to inspect a 2019 (or 2025) robot with it. Perhaps even a “Modified for Team Update 02”.

Good suggestions, Gus. I’ll add an “FRC 2018 Update 11” to it tonight.

And updated with Gus’s suggestions and a set of split STLs with a 0.05mm gap.