Bumper Inspection

Greetings from Team 5557.
We were wondering whether or not at competition will we be required to take off the bumpers to pass through inspection. The reason this question arose is because part of the inspection sheet, “Initial Inspection” “weight” “bumper weight” claims that they must be under 20 lbs.

Thanks for your time -
Team 5557 BB-R8ERS

You will have to remove your bumpers.

Here is a link to the inspection checklist: https://firstfrc.blob.core.windows.net/frc2017/AuxDocs/2017FRCInspectionChecklist.pdf

Yes, you will be required to remove your bumpers so that the robot and bumpers can be weighed separately

Yes, you will be required to remove your bumpers during inspection.


Above is the link to the inspection checklist. This is the process that any robot inspector will go through with you. They will follow rules on section 8.5, which is linked below.


R25- “BUMPERS (the entire BUMPER, not just the cover) must be designed for quick and easy installation and removal to facilitate inspection and weighing.”
the blue box below that states
“As a guideline, BUMPERS should be able to be installed or removed by two (2) people in fewer than five (5) minutes.”

Thank you all, with that being said, when we do remove the bumpers from the robot, will we be required to do so in a timely fashion? Are we required to remove them and put them back on in 5 minutes or less? Is there a certain number of minutes that we are given?

Thanks again from all of us at FRC#5557

The robot is first weighed as it is brought to the Weigh (inspection) Station.

If the bumpers are attached, then they will have to be removed for a 2nd weighing.

The difference is the weight of the bumper.

If the first weighing is without bumpers, then only the bumpers are weighed after that (don’t have to attach them to the robot).

The red and blue bumpers are weighed separately.

During inspection, in the pit, you may need to prove that the bumpers can be changed quickly.

> Is there a certain number of minutes that we are given?

5 minutes.

From an inspection standpoint you will need to remove the bumpers during inspection.

You are not technically required to remove/install them in 5 minutes, however during elimination matches you may need to be on the field within 5 minutes with a different color bumper, so be warned.

In the R25,(quoted above) it specifies 5 min as guideline. As an RI, I have never timed anybodies bumper removal (your RI might :] ). But. If it takes substantially longer than that, you will not get any sympathy from the referee is that cause you to miss a match.

While technically correct, R25 is on the Inspection Checklist in the 2nd to last item under bumpers.

If a team can’t do it in a time not materially longer than 5 minutes, I will tell the team to practice, and test them again later.

A team could have back to back matches where there is a 6 minute Field Timeout, and they have to switch colors (advance during eliminations). Thus the 5 minute “guildeline” so the bumpers can be changed during the Field Timeout, and not delay the start of the next match.

Fortunately, there is often an inverse correlation between time required to change bumpers and likelihood of advancing in elimination rounds. Except maybe for the last couple of picks at not so deep events.

I highly recommend being able to change your bumpers as quickly as possible. You’ll get some matches where you’ll only have a few minutes to change bumpers, change battery, recharge pneumatics, reset the robot, and make any repairs. Being able to change bumpers quickly will give you much more time to prepare for your next match.