Bumper Material Poll

What fabric did your team choose this year to cover their bumpers?

1000D Cordura is recommended and that is what we use. That is not a choice on your survey.

Same here. Bumpers are already cut and printed, and sewing started last night!

Ditto. Some retailers call it Duck Cloth.

you forgot “what came in FIRST Choice”

Cordura is a nylon blend and Duck cloth is 100% cotton.

Cordura is a brand name of Nylon. We use the same material. We order it from Seattle Fabrics.

Super relevant thread

Has anyone successfully used multiple bumper materials? I haven’t checked the Q&A but the rules do not address it.

Friction with Polycarb should be a concern this year because of the gates. Bumper engineering was coming of age in later 2014, but 2015’s game set it back a year.

We are using the Slick bumper material (Nylon) from AM.

Citrus Circuits uses Ballistic Nylon on our bumpers.

R21 c requires that the pool noodles be consistent around the robot, but I did not see anything requiring consistent fabric. We purchased both “traditional” and “slick” fabric from AndyMark shortly before the game reveal. As we have a largely offensive strategy, we plan to make bumpers from the slick “sailcloth” material. We will probably also make a set with the classic cordura and have them handy in case we get called on to play defense; there’s no rule I can find that says you can’t bring and use four sets of bumpers!

Only thing I remember seeing is the weight limit per set.

Care to share a link to what you use? I know my team is looking into ballistic nylon, I’m curious to where teams are sourcing theirs from.

We are going with the slick fabric from RoboPromo.

Dark Navy and Red

How does this stuff differ from rip stop nylon?

Ballistic nylon is thicker, not as slick, and more similar to 1000D Cordura nylon. We ran CoF tests on about 16 different fabrics, including the ballistic nylon from Rockywoods, and found that it was slicker than Cordura nylon, but not as slick as ripstop.

I wrapped the bumpers in ripstop this year. We were replacing the front bumpers with regular cordura due to the nylon taking a beating at our pre scrimmage yesterday.

What ripstop did you try?