Bumper Mounting Question

Was wondering if anyone could take a look at my bumper mounting solution and let me know if you see any areas to improve/fix.

Basically the way it works is the bumpers slide on top of the chassis and then we will use somewhere between 4-6 pins to attach in the 1/4 inch holes. In the past we have sandwiched our driverails between 2 pieces of L-channel but I’ve seen teams just use one like in the pictures. Is steel vs aluminum necessary for this mounting system. Also, any advice for attaching the pieces of wood together? We have a CNC and can cut weird shapes on that (puzzle piece type connection?).

The L-channel (aluminum angle) is 1x1x1/8 inches thick


Hard to tell all without seeing in place on a robot. Teams have used similar designs in the past. Before finalizing your design keep in mind that your bumpers must not fail in collision with another robot or with the playing field. If they fall off, there is consequences.

I speculate that aluminum will be plenty strong.
If using pins, get ones that cannot fall out.

Does this picture help? I can send more views if you’d like.

And yes, we have been using the same pins for a few years, haven’t had any issues with them falling out or coming loose.

That view is a lot better, thanks. I see that you are mounting the bumper system directly to the standard chassis frame and the frame is fully backing the bumper system. As near as I can tell from your drawing, that meets the rules for mounting in the robot rules.
Good Luck

Thanks so much Al, looking forward to seeing you at Midwest Refional this year?