Bumper mounting

What ways of bumper mounting do you do? We mount by bolts and wingnuts. We are trying to come up with other ways of making the process faster and stronger. Is it legal for the bumper to have a metal tab that comes out to be mounted onto the frame of the robot?
Picture below:

It looks like you are intending to attach the aluminum angle to the inside surface of your bumper sections.

Looking at Figure 10-6 on page 73 of the Game Manual, there is a limit of 1" for “hard parts” extending OUTWARDS from your frame perimeter. Your aluminum angle will be extending INWARDS from your frame perimeter. The drawing in Figure 10-6 shows an “example fastener system” and gives no limits, dimensions nor formal definitions or restrictions. Thus, what you are proposing is not disallowed.

It is great to see at least one team thinking about their bumper mounting this early in the season. Do some research here on CD. Many teams have showed their bumper mounting systems. Communicate clearly (and firmly) with the rest of the design team to ensure that the rest of your robot does not interfere with your bumper mounting system. As an Inspector, I saw several robots where easy access to 1 or 2 of X quick release fasteners was blocked by some part of the robot.

I have also put some thought and research towards bumper mounting. What I have found to be the best solution is use T nuts to bolt in a piece of aluminum angle, and attach to that this slide snap latch from McMaster. All you have to do is bolt in a stud to your frame perimeter and line up the mounting of things so that the latch drops over the stud. I usually leave an extra 1/8 inch of clearance for fabric between the wood and the frame. Here’s the link to the latches: McMaster-Carr

Hope this is helpful!

P.S. ignore the bending of the pool noodle around the corner, that is a bad method and not quite legal.

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