Bumper Number Question

Can you use iron ons for team numbers on the bumpers?

According to <R31>:

Team numbers must be displayed on the BUMPERS and meet the following criteria:

-consist of numerals at least 4 in. high, at least ½ in. in stroke width, and be either white in color or outlined in white
-may not wrap around a corner of the FRAME PERIMETER
-be positioned around the ROBOT such that an observer walking around the perimeter of the ROBOT can unambiguously tell the Team’s number from any point of view.

Those are the only requirements for bumper numbers, so as long as they are big enough and white/outlined in white, they’re good.

Also, considering Two Pencil Designs, a business run by FIRST alumni serving the FIRST community, made bumpers with iron on numbers and posted them here, that’s also some good proof that it’s ok.

So, i can do anything with the team number as long as it meets the requirments in width and height?.

…and numbers must be identifiable by a reasonably astute observer, so pick a readable, preferably bold font that can be seen rather. If you have a cafeteria at your school and can’t read the numbers on the robot from the other end of the cafeteria, that’s bad bumper design.

The team manual, available to anyone with an internet connection, only specifies those rules for bumper numbers.

I have never seen this, so I would say no :frowning:

Never seen what, this?

Can you quote a rule?
If not, remember that bad information is worse than no information. If you do not KNOW, do not comment please.

We ironed on our numbers this year. Used the inkjet iron-on sheets for dark fabrics, printed off our numbers at the correct size, cut them out, and ironed them on. They’re just white, but in our “team font.” Works great!

Iron on numbers are perfectly acceptable provided they meet the other requirements, either white or outlined in white of the correct size. I have seen teams use paint pens, self adhesive numerals, even embroidery. All are OK.

Cool! I wish I had known about this sooner.