Bumper part of perimeter?

Hey guys, after reading the rules our team is still confused if the bumper is a part of the perimeter, can anyone help us?

No, the bumpers aren’t considered part of the FRAME PERIMETER.

The bumper does not count for the frame perimeter’s maximum length.

total length of the FRAME PERIMETER sides may not exceed 112 in.

FRAME PERIMETER: the polygon defined by the outer-most set of exterior vertices on the ROBOT (without the BUMPERS attached) that are within the BUMPER ZONE. To determine the FRAME PERIMETER, wrap a piece of string around the ROBOT at the level of the BUMPER ZONE - the string describes this polygon.

No, the bumpers do not count as a part of your perimeter

Just keep in mind that the bumpers do count as part of 54 inch cyc.