Bumper Plywood Backing

Weve been arguing about the length of the bumpers. One side says that the total length of the plywood needs to be 6in long minimum. The other agues that it doesnt say that anywhere in the rules and believe that the the plywood can be shorter due to overhang of the soft part of the pool noodles is included in the length. Ive looked around and cant find an answer on CD anywhere that truly specifies this. Whos right?

See this Q&A forum answer for the direct answer to your question (as well as this Q&A answer and this Q&A answer and this Q&A answer and this Q&A answer and many others).


You’re looking in the wrong place. Allow me to point you to the official Q&A, where this question has been asked repeatedly. I’ll point you to the forum there, and then I’ll answer.

First, the pointer: http://forums.usfirst.org/ is the overall. For this specific question, you want http://forums.usfirst.org/forumdisplay.php?f=1064, which is under the Q&A forum on Section 8.

Now, the answer: As the Q&A has said multiple times, bumper length is the length of bumper that has all three of the required elements (pool noodles, backing, and cloth). Therefore, the group that says it’s the plywood is correct.

Please bear in mind that CD is not the offical source for information. The best we can do is to point you to the correct source, which in this case is the Q&A.

CD is not the authority for the rules. Go to the rules. Make sure you are working the LATEST version. Also review the Team Updates, and then the answers on the Q&A.

I think that you will find from the totality of the rules that it is not possible to have hard bumper portions shorter than 6 inches in length.