Bumper Presentation

Here is the link to the presentation that I gave at JUMPSTART. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thanks to 4607 and St. Cloud State for having us!

Nice presentation! We follow a very similar process. it is nice to see it documented.

That’s a really fantastic presentation! I heard really good things about it from people at the event. I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to see it in person!

Great presentation.

Re: the right photo on slide 8, showing an aluminum angle bracket recessed into nicely routered pockets in the plywood. It looks great. Have any inspectors given you flak for that? We used to do this, but in the past few years we’ve worried about getting an inspector who feels that this abuses the R30-A (2018) allowance for “small clearance pockets… as long as they do not significantly affect the structural integrity of the BUMPER.” Our team has a deep fear of an arbitrary LRI decision that forces us to rebuild our bumpers at the event.

This latest season, the fairly draconian answer to Q395 (2018) really reinforced our decision to not mess with the plywood cross-section at all.

Bumpers plywood backing and hardware
Q: Is it permissible to route a shallow pocket (1/8" deep X 1" wide X length of bumper) in the backside of the plywood backing of a bumper to inset a piece of aluminum angle permanently attached to the bumper? The aluminum angle is used to mount the bumper to the robot and insetting it allows the rest of the plywood backing to rest firmly against the bumper mounts attached to the robot. To clarify, the aluminum angle extends from the back of the bumper into the robot and is in the bumper zone.

A: We cannot rule absolutely on hypothetical ROBOT designs, and the final decision as to legality of a particular ROBOT lies with the Lead ROBOT Inspector (LRI) at each event. Generally a slot routed down the entire bumper would be unlikely to qualify as a “small clearance pockets and/or access holes in the plywood backing” permitted by R30-A.

The questioner is asking to replace an equal area of the wooden cross-section with aluminum, and the answer was no. :frowning:

I hope this answer is reversed in future seasons. Expressly allowing routered slots and pockets (to be filled by metal bracketry) would make robots better: the bumper system would fit the robot frame more snugly. As a result the bumpers would become more effective in preventing equipment damage.

But Al said you could have the LRI call him and it would be ok… LOL