Bumper Question - More like Pool Noodle

When making bumpers, are you allowed to segment the pool noodle that will go inside the bumpers? The way our robot and bumpers are made, it will require us to take out the pool noodle in order to attach/detach bumpers. If we cut the pool noodle, this won’t require us to take out the entire pool noodle.
On that note, I also wanted to know if it is okay to tape the pool noodles, since I know there’s a restriction on tape. (ie. Taping segments of pool noodle togther to make a long enough pool noodle.)

According to rule <R37>: “STANDARD BUMPERS do not have to surround the entire perimiter of the ROBOT, and may be segmented”

We cut our noodles down to 27 inches last year for the front and back of our robot and never had any problems.

You may not tape the pool noodles or modify them in any way. The rule book robot section is very specific and there is additional discussion in the Tips and guidelines. There is also a nice discussion on how to use mounting hardware on these devices. Threaded rod, eye bolts and T-nuts all work for this application.
See rule 37 in the robot section of the manual. Pay particular attention that only standard bumpers may be excluded from weight and size. “STANDARD
BUMPERS have several advantages, such as being excluded from the calculation of the ROBOT weight and volume limitations specified in Rule <R07>.”

Segmenting the whole bumper (so that the ends are covered with fabric, and vertical) is allowed. Segmenting the pool noodle inside the bumper is “not desired”, according to the manual, so it’s allowed, but not necessarily a good solution. You need a blind fastener system of some sort so that the bumpers can be “quickly removed”. If you need to spend more than 5 minutes on taking the bumpers off, I’d be worried. (Some teams basically had to unstaple the fabric to get at their bolts last year; this isn’t good enough.)

No tape (well, unless it’s not self-adhesive).

yes pool noodles are the stuff you use for the bumpers, id say just attatch it to another peice of metal or something that can be screwed and unscrewed in…

I was thinking about velcro-ing the pool noodles to the plywood…however, if you build them right, the fabric should hold them in place.