Bumper Question: To Bag or Not to Bag?

Does anyone know whether we have to bag our bumpers with our robot or not, my team was not sure.

Thanks! :smiley:

It’s been answered in 2 or 3 threads already, but …

If you don’t bag the bumpers, they count as part of your 30 pounds of fabricated materials that you are allowed to bring in.

Bumpers can be bagged in a second bag, so that your robot bag won’t be so heavy and bulky. In that case, both bags must have tags and both must be signed off on.

Yes! If you do not bag your bumpers, they will count towards your 30lb withholding allowance.

You can choose to bag them in the same bag as your robot, or in a second bag. if you bag them in a second back, you use a second of the numbered tags, and record both tags on the robot lockup form.

We had a large number of teams last year not bag their bumpers, and when they also had anything for their withholding allowance, they had to make bumpers from scratch at the competition, or figure out what they weren’t going to put on the robot. It can be a real nightmare!

Thanks! Sorry about the repost.

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