Bumper Question

So for this year’s competetion we have to be able to switch our robot’s bumper color, is each team required to create a skin to use to switch the color, or will we be provided with one when we reach competetion?


You get the pleasure of building your own! They do not provide them for you. See <R07 E & F> and <R12> for details.

E. The BUMPERS must be covered with a rugged, smooth cloth (1000 dernier Cordura Plus® strongly recommended). The cloth must completely enclose all exposed surfaces of the BUMPER backing (plywood) and cushion (pool noodle) material. It is recommended that lengths of aluminum angle be used to clamp the fabric in place.
F. The fabric covering the BUMPERS must be solid red or solid blue in color. Visually, the red or blue must be as close to the corresponding color in the FIRST logo as reasonable (i.e. to a reasonably astute observer, they appear similar). The only markings permitted on the BUMPER fabric cover are the team number (see Rule ).

The color of the BUMPERS will be used to identify the ALLIANCE to which the ROBOT has been assigned, red or blue. Therefore, each ROBOT must be able to display red BUMPERS and blue BUMPERS This may be done via either of two acceptable methods:
Each ROBOT may be built with two complete sets of interchangeable BUMPERS, one red and one blue. If this method is chosen, the BUMPERS must be identical except for the color of the covering fabric (see Rule <R07-F>).
The BUMPERS may be constructed with a fabric covering of one color (see Rule <R07-F>), and then covered with a removable fabric shroud of the opposite color when appropriate. The removable cover must completely enclose the BUMPERS and conceal the contrasting fabric. The cover must be constructed solely of fabric and a fastening/restraining system to hold the cover in place. The fastening/restraining system must extend no further than one inch beyond the FRAME PERIMETER (i.e. no further than any other hard parts of the BUMPER - see Rule <R07-N>). Please note that the fastening/restraining system MUST be designed with robust performance in mind. The restraints must hold the removable cover in place during vigorous interactions with other ROBOTS and FIELD elements during the MATCH without allowing the cover to come off.

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In our regional kickoff they told us that you need to build your own but when they check your bumper whight they will check evrything thats connected to the bumpers
in other words dont do another set of bumper just make a set with one color and a cover with other color

You can build your own sets of bumpers, your own cover, or you can buy a bumper skirt from andymark. http://www.andymark.biz/am-0587.html

The rules specifically allow for two identical sets to be made. The combined weight is not measured, just the weight of each set.

While some teams are opting to create a skin for easy removal, it is not required. Our team plans on creating two separate sets of bumpers, one of each color, but that is just how we are doing it… :]