bumper question

for our design we are planning on having a part of our front frame not be covered by a bumper to allow for an arm. Would this be breaking any rules? I know that its supposed to be 100% coverage but there would still be bumpers on the front just not all the way. Opinions.

100% is 100%, not 60%, not 90%, not 97%. Your entire frame perimeter needs to be covered by bumpers. Period.

Been discussed already. 100% means 100%.

You can ask Q&A, but you’ll get the same answer, I’m sure.

Now, Along the lines of this, if we cut a section out of the frame ABOVE the bumpers to allow for an arm that can reach the ground, would that be legal as long as the edge of the mechanism is inside the frame in it’s entirety?

There is no requirement for any frame whatsoever above the BUMPER ZONE. You only have to have solid framing backing up your BUMPERS. What you do elsewhere on the ROBOT is up to you.

Was just double checking, seeing this thread reminded me.

If we design a frame with a cutout, do we need to have bumpers on the interior sections of the frame? or does the interior section of the frame not count as the frame perimeter? also if we can have an interior section can we have something extend into that area (see box with x in picture) that does not have a bumber?

I’ll try to post a drawing that ilustrate the question, but could you answer just in case I am not successful attaching the pic?

wrap a string around the frame of your robot in the bumper zone, (1 - 7 inches off the floor), that is where the bumpers need to go. they need to cover 100% of that area. no cutouts. any mechanism that is going to load tubes off the floor is going to have to extend over and past that bumper after the game has started.