Bumper question

My team and i are having a slight disagreement having to do with bumpers.

We have designed a rail that looks like this:

two questions regarding bumpers:

  1. will the flange be enough to technically support the bumpers and make them legal?

  2. I would like to place 1" standoffs at the end of the rail and every 8" or so to make them legal. Another member says they can add brackets to the bumpers at the same interval to support them and they would be legal. Who is right?

From experience, both of you are right. As long as your mounts are visually obvious, sturdy, and at least every 8 inches, then you will (probably) pass inspection.

Good luck :slight_smile:

sorry shane, I don’t think the rules say that at all. In fact they go as far as to use graphics to say it’s not.

How is the bumper oriented with respect to the flange? Is the backing running directly along the edge of the sheetmetal flange (nearest the viewer), or retained within the interior corner at the base of the flange? If the former, you’re apparently fine (on this point); if the latter, it might not be allowed due to the position of the frame perimeter.

Either method of support could be made to work.

Note that the outside of the flange is your frame perimeter, not the rail.