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We have ran into a problem in the home stretch of the build, and are considering cutting an opening in our frame to solve the issue.

In the manual it mentions having 6" of bumper on each corner, and if a side is less than 12" it must be covered completely. We have a set of corner bumpers for our bot. If we cut an opening that leaves each side greater that 12" will our bumpers still be legal? I think it would be, but I was also thinking a cut frame had special requirements on the bumper, but can’t seem to find the requirements. Thanks

Remember that a frame perimeter side doesn’t necessarily coincide with actual frame. Take a close look at the pictures associated with R24. If I’m understanding you correctly, the frame perimeter has only one side extending along the whole front of the robot, even though part of that side doesn’t have frame next to it. That makes that side longer than 12", so the whole thing doesn’t need to be protected. As long as the corner bumpers are at least 6" on each side you should be fine.

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Are you needing to have access through the bumper?
As long as you meet the corner size rules, as well as support to those ends.
You can have segmented bumpers.

We used that approach last year.

The problem we have is that one of our mechanisms attaches to the front frame rail, if we cut the frame just past where it attaches then it is only about 8" on each side, which, if I am understanding the bumper rules correctly would have to be completely covered by bumpers.

Our robot is about 28" wide. If we cut the frame in the front to where each corner is 8" long from the outside of the frame to the cut, would we be ok since the perimeter would still be >12? If so then I think that solves my issue and I was simply reading the rules wrong.

Remember, for bumper coverage, it is 6" at each corner of the “Frame Perimeter,” not the physical frame itself. If your robot is 28" wide, that side of the frame perimeter is still 28" regardless if there is a cutout in the frame or not (Assuming your robot shape is a rectangle). That means you will still need 6" of bumper at each corner. If the frame at each corner is 8", you have plenty of space to mount your bumpers. You wouldn’t even need to cover the full 8".


Thanks! That’s what I was trying to figure out.

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