Bumper question

For our intake we plan on getting the cargo over the bumper assembly.

In order to ease centering of the cargo we were thinking of cutting a little bevel in the middle part of the top pool noodle (further away than 6”)

I don’t see anything in the rule against that.

Could anyone confirm this is not illegal?

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Not legal. See rule R408 *BUMPER construction, part C:


Yeah i got that.
Does it apply even at placed where no bumper is required?

Yes because the only thing allowed outside your frame perimeter is bumpers and those have to follow the bumper rules.



IIRC someone asked something similar in the official Q&A.

Following up on this:

I believe you meant to add “in Starting Configuration”. Nothing says you can’t drop stuff out over the bumpers after match start… I’ve seen some interesting things.

And the Q&A I mentioned is Q118.

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Nothing says you can’t drop a bumper that isn’t a BUMPER over the frame perimeter after match start, either. It just has to stay tucked within the frame perimeter until then.

And during the match, I suppose the non-BUMPER might fall off, and not draw G104 disablement. That would sure confuse the referees.

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And it can be any color you want! Like black or purple!


Or zebra stripes… talk about confusing the referees!

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Trust me, the refs wouldn’t be confused by that one. They’d KNOW which robot it came off of and hand it right back after the match. Done that for random gears and such-like, you think a well-marked bumper will be a problem?

Unless 900 was also in the match, in which case they’d get it.

I’ve seen a few tricks to make things easier. The apparent bolt taped to the frame didn’t make the cut… a strip of what looked like duct-tape fabric seemed to do OK. A few teams had low-down bumper-crossers that helped pull.

Nah, I know it’d be obvious. I meant it as a joke because they might consider it one of their own.

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