bumper question

How stringent will the inspectors be in regards to the thickness of the bumpers?
I’ve been looking around for 2.5’’ pool noodles and I am having a hard time finding a noodle of that size.

I’ve found some that specify a range for the diameter…2.5-2.75, etc., but cannot find one stating the diameter is 2.5".


Usually they’re not too bad, provided you construct it the same way and it still obeys the weight limit.

If they’re too big, it’s easier than if they’re smaller. You could take aluminum tubing and fit it down the hole in the center of the pool noodle, stick it in the lathe, then gently shave some off with sandpaper. apply heat after this though, with a heat gun or similar device, just enough to sort of “reseal” the tube. Don’t heat it too much though.

I hope that helps.

I very highly doubt pool noodles are high tolerance products and inspectors would even notice, or care if they did, noodles being 1/4" bigger. There really isn’t any inherent advantage from that.

Do you really need bumpers on the robot

They are required per <R08>.

Only if you want to play the game this year. See <R08>.