bumper question

Our team got our noodles today to make our first ever set of bumpers, and unfortunatly, the diagram in the manual was misinterpreted to be a top view rather than a side view. So now, we have several dozen 5" segments of pool noodle. Are we allowed to line these up end to end, with everything else in the bumper continuous and according to the manual, or do we have to go and get more pool noodles?

The pool noodles are meant to be single pieces down the length of the bumper. I’d suggest getting new ones, if they’re available. Better to have them now than need them on Thursday of competition if you fail inspection.

According to the text next to the picture on page 10 of Section 8 of the manual (partially cut off).

In bumper joints are not desired

Not desired != prohibited, I would go to the Q&A on this if you’re opposed to buying new pool noodles. If the new pool noodles are no big deal, then you’re probably better off with continuous noodles in each segment.

I just noticed this in the manual:

[quote=<R08>]STANDARD BUMPERS must use
a stacked pair of 2-1/2 inch “pool
noodles” as the bumper material.[/quote]

Looks like you’d better get some new noodles.

If that’s the most expensive mistake your team has made this build season, you’re doing great!



Crazy Glue?

Some sort of glue/epoxy could be in order here. Make the 5" segments one long, continuous piece by gluing them end to end. As long as the gluing is solid and smooth, really there is no functional difference is there?

You might be able to explain the situation and ask for an official Q&A clarification. I wouldn’t suggest trying anything until you get an official response.

In the bumper drawing it shows a piece of aluminum angle holding the fabric on the bumper…our question is do we have to use that or can we simply use a staple gun to attach our fabric to the board for the bumper?

Staples or glue between the fabric and the plywood are permissible methods of attachment. The angle aluminum is the “recommended” way.

no functional difference could still be a DQ if the inspectors decide to pop open your bumpers.

That said, we ended up with our smallest sections last year being a joining of the scraps of others, but with the requirement of bumpers this year, I think they want it to be a solid as possible.

Chris McKenzie

Don’t put anything “hard” like glue or epoxy in the bumper, that might fail inspection.

From <R08>: Nothing other than pool noodles and cloth can extend more than 1 inch beyond the ROBOT boundaries.

Epoxy, glue, etc is not pool noodle or cloth.

As far as the 5" sections go… the lesson learned today is…?


Sounds like you have the perfect bumper material for protecting this team’s robot: