Bumper Question

We are having trouble making the corner bumper. How have people been connecting the corner pool noodle? Can we use a flat piece of aluminum over the wrapped cloth?


We usually overlap our front and rear bumper over the corners. So they are a little longer with the side bumpers flushed up to them

Neither one of these suggestions appear to meet the requirements of <R08>.

Corner noodles are optional. If you decide to use them, that means the cloth you are wrapping the longitudinal noodles with has to be about 7" longer than what you would usually use (per end). The long noodles are positioned exactly over the boards, and then the vertical 5" piece is put into position beyond the end of the board. The whole thing is wrapped in the cloth, which is then securely fastened to the board.

When I said extend, I did not mean we extend the hard bumper parts, I only meant the pool noodles.

If you squint just right you can see the outline of the vertical pool noodle in the corner. It is held in place only by the cloth being wrapped around it and stapled to the wood. We did not use the aluminum angle, but if we did, it would be at the end of the wood, and the cloth and pool noodle would extend past it.

We had to get a pneumatic stapler to attach the cloth to the plywood, the little manual Arrow stapler didn’t have what it takes.

Thank you.