Bumper Question

Do you need the corners of your robot to be covered by bumbers or could you just have part of each side protected as long as you cover more than 2/3of your robot? In figure 8-2 on page 10 of the manual in the robot section it shows that there is a vertical pool noodle not backed by wood in each corner.

Both are legal. You choose.

to help your decision

Check if you can afford them in terms of weight
Think if you really need them

Then pick

well depends what you mean by weight because the standard bumper weight doesn’t count as far as the do you really need it part i can agre with that

True they don’t count towards the overall weight of the bot, but there is a weight limit on the bumpers of 15 lbs.

Full set of bumpers, biult properly with bolt and fastener system shouldn’t weigh more than 11-13 lb s.

I believe, amidst the multitude of bumper questions on the Q&A, there is one that confirms what has been said here, but adds that you are strongly encouraged, if at all possible, to cover the corners of your robot.

Certainly as a potential alliance partner or competitor, we appreciate it when teams take the time to protect their robot, our robot and the playing field, so long as it does not diminish their capacity to play the game according to their strategy.

Note, however, that strongly encouraged does not mean “required”, and you can pass tech with exposed corners. If you get the chance, however, and it doesn’t “hurt” your performance, please take the time to protect other teams (and the furniture wherever it is that you are testing your robot) from potentially the most damaging part of your machine.



P.S. And whatever you do, do NOT have “hard bumper parts” (wood) extend into the corners without pool noodle and fabric covering of some kind. The Q&A on the FIRST web site is MORE than explicit about this.