Bumper regulations

The front of our robot has a 4" piece on both sides then open in the middle. Our bumpers are 6" and will hang over 2" into the middle - is this a problem? Cant find this anywhere in the manual.

A big problem.

Look at the lower right <6" NOT OK in Figure 9-2, section 9.5 of the manual

If our bumper is 6" and hangs over 2" is that allowed? Or does that piece have to be 6"?

"To be considered supported, a minimum of ½ in. (~13 mm) at each end of each BUMPER wood segment must be backed by the FRAME PERIMETER (≤¼ in. gap, ~6mm). “

That’s from R26. Your proposed solution is not allowed.

Awesome - glad we asked now instead of being told at competition

The frame perimeter material must be at least 6" in length to fully support the minimum 6" of bumpers required

To be technical… it doesn’t.

What they DO need is 0.5" minimum of material on the Frame Perimeter at that currently-overhanging end of the bumper. That would leave a 1.5" maximum length gap in the backing, well under the 8" gap maximum. It may be more convenient to make that material 6" long instead of 4", but that’s not the only way to so this.

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We have extra material - it will be easier just to replace those 4" pieces with 6" pieces.

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Totally agree, and thanks for clarifying. Just offering up a quick and dirty fix before week 1 events.

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