bumper rule

Its a fact that at least 2/3 of the robot perimeter must be protected by bumpers. But is the space taken by the trailer hitch included in the perimeter of the robot that needs to be covered?

1: please check other threads theres already a thread on this.
2: My interpretation NO

No. Q&A has clarified this. I think it’s made it into the manual, but wasn’t able to find it in Rev C.

The trailer hitch is NOT included in bumper coverage. It is in the remaining 1/3.


Ok, the way they responded was no, but their explanation was yes. I probably could give yet another opinion on the matter…but instead:

Erich could you reread the question they posed and explain. I think you misread it.

Molten, the question as I read it was: Is the 7" of trailer hitch included in the BUMPER area? I answered no, and my explanation also said no.

However, on further reading (I was in a hurry):

The bumper hitch does not count against your volume or weight (<R11> as revised in Update #1), which I now believe is the question originally asked. However, it also does not count as bumper, so you need to allow for that as well.

And, the answer is no either way, so does it really matter? And the real lesson here is that you need to read the most recent copy of the rules, as the rules do change from time to time as needed.

The thing I was referring to was the fact that I the way I read the question, it asks if the opening counts as part of the bumper perimeter. And yes it does. Thus you must count this as part of the 1/3 that is open. I might be reading too much into this, but that is the way I read the question.

Oh, NOW I see it! (Note to the OP: When most of us see “trailer hitch”, we will immediately think of the hitch itself and might not see “space”. Hence, we answered accordingly.)

The full, correct answer: See <R18-D>. If the hitch must be mounted on the bumper perimeter, it follows that whatever it is legally mounted on is part of the perimeter, provided that the perimeter has been determined correctly. The hitch counts against the 1/3 unprotected length, but does not count against weight or volume constraints, though the hardware does.

A later Q&A response (apologies for not pointing to it, I don’t want to mess up my “last visited” time right now) clarified something about the volume constraints for the trailer hitch mounting hardware. The hardware obviously has to extend outside the BUMPER PERIMETER in order to fasten the hitch to the robot, since the hitch itself is defined to be on the outside of the perimeter. Inspection will verify that the hardware doesn’t extend outside the hitch itself.