Bumper rules

Hi everyone, my team and I have a doubt about bumper rules, is there possible to make bumpers
where the pool noodles aren’t cover all the wood of the bumpers?

The next image is a representation of the bumpers on the chasis, we have two C Bumpers 'cause we want to make it reversible:

As shown, you want to read R408D. The fabric needs to cover all exterior surfaces of both wood and noodles.

There’s a relatively easy solution, though: Cut the wood at the joint, wrap the fabric around that. As long as you have the minimum length of wood and noodle from the corners (R401), you’ll be just fine doing that.

Also, there’s a few other ways of doing the reversible part, but I’m no expert on those so I’ll let the folks that are better talk about that.

The wood backing should be part of the bumper. See R408 in the game manual where bumper construction is outlined. I am not a Robot Inspector - and have never played one - but for my team, the 3/4’ plywood backing is always a part of our bumpers.

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Look at figure 9-7, the bumper cross section, and the rules that reference it. In short, the small area where there is wood but no pool noodles or fabric does not match the cross section, and thus is not a bumper. As @EricH recommended, the easy way is to cut the wood at the end of your pool noodles to create two C-shaped bumpers (paying attention to R401 to ensure they are long enough). As a bonus, those are usually easier to put on!

For making C-shaped bumpers, there are a lot of ways to make this work, but the advice you’ve had so far is spot on. Here is a link to an old thread where I show our bumper attachment system (lots of pictures) for quick bumper change. Then there’s this slightly newer thread where I posted a video explaining how we do reversible bumper covers. Both might be useful for your team, if only as examples of what can be done.

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