Bumper Tapering

I’d like your input on this:

Would tapering the bumper be in compliance with the bumper rules as long as there are 6" on either side of full bumper? See the image that explains what I mean.

No because as you start tapering your bumper you no longer have the 2.5" of required pool noodles required by the rules.

R29C says

Cushion material may extend up to 2½ in. (~63 mm) beyond the end of the plywood

Emphasis mine.

What he means to say that by doing this, the noodle is no longer 2.5" in diameter, thus you don’t have the required size of noddle.

Ah I see. Just found this part:

extending beyond the end of the plywood is more of a length thing. If your plywood is 20" long, your noodle can be 22.5" to make a corner transition to the next piece of bumper.

Your 6" measurement needs to be form the frame not the outside of the bumper per the diagrams in the rule book.