Bumper Zone

Our team was wondering if it is legal to have a component start 1/2 an inch above the ground. This component will be within our bumper perimeter in terms of the X/Y planes but probably below the bumpers on the Z plane.

So, is this legal?


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to answer your question, yes your fine.

I don’t know of any rule that prohibits any component close to the ground so long as it doesn’t damage the field.

Thanks for the quick responses!

Your bumpers are required to stay in the bumper zone. Your frame perimeter is defined the max robot dimensions in the bumper zone. Anything in the frame perimeter can be from 0 to 60 inches as long as you don’t damage the field.

Any part of your robot can be low enough to touch the ground :slight_smile:

I would still recommend getting an official Q&A answer on this, just to be clear. As awesome and knowledgeable as the people on Chief Delphi are, they cannot give you an official answer, so if you aren’t clear on something (ie, you need to ask a question on Chief Delphi), you really should be taking it to official Q&A.

There are no rules regarding this, wheels need not be the only parts on/near the floor. Have a good season!