Bumper Zone

My question is, what is the strictness of the bumper zone rules. In the rules it says the bumpers must be at least 2.5" from the ground and no higher than 8.5". They would fit perfect on our robot it they could sit 1.5" from the ground. Have any other teams gotten away with this in competition?

I have seen teams with bumpers that were clearly out side of the zone in terms of being too low.

However, I think it would be best to just follow the rules and stay withing the 2.5-8.5" zone. The rules are the rules (for example… if R16 was literally just 6" more inches I would be soooooo happy).

I’m sure a few might have but any good drive team will see it and call you out especially after you have beaten them. Don’t take the chance.

Also because they are mandatory this year I’m sure the inspectors will be playing closer attention.

As with all rules in the robot section, this will also be enforced. There is a reason for this rule. If your bumper is that low, any team that touches you will probably tip over because their bumper lower end will hit your bumpers top end. A lot of thought was put into the bumper rules so sooner or later someone will notice. Plus, why take a chance?

We’re designing the robot for 1" of ground clearance this year, and will have supports at the corners of the frame (vertical pieces of aluminum angle) to hold ball handling stuff on, that will also work great for mounting the bumpers at the required height.

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The bumper zone is where your robot will contact other robots, hence the rule spelling out height restrictions.

How Come? Do you have a design that you can’t use because of R16?

A couple years ago at Detroit I noticed inspectors making a team take off their bumpers because they were not at the proper height. That isn’t an option this year - it’s fix it or don’t play. Fix it now or fix it later …

Thanks for the advice.

Last year we had a bumper on the long side only supported on the ends and it cracked very easily. Plywood just isn’t strong enough if you take a hit in the middle of the bumper.

Yes, we plan on having some center supports for it also (probably a bar across the top of the transmissions which will also keep the frame rails from twisting)…and thanks for the tip!