How r u doing (to everyone reading this)
I was wondering where should get the bumper?
What should we use for the bumper?
Some teams have it with their team number on it(if u have it please let me know where and how to get some)

Thank you

Look in your rule book it has an extensive explination about how to make them and what rules they must follow

If you’re referring to the standard bumpers outlined in the rules, you have to make them yourselves according the the instructions.

You need pool noodles, plywood (don’t remember the exact thickness offhand), angle aluminum, and a tough, smooth cloth.

Numbers can be done in any method that leaves them tough and smooth. Teams have screened them on, hand painted, spray painted and sewed.

There are very specific rules regarding adding additional material to your bumpers. Be sure to read and fully understand them before constructing bumpers that would violate them.

The robot rule book has specific guides for making the bumpers. If you make your bumpers to these specifications then they will be considered “standard bumpers” by your inspectors. As such, they are not included in the weight or size of the robot. If you choose to make yours differently then the “standard bummper” design in the rulebook, then the weight and size must be included with the robot for inspection.

<R37> Teams are strongly encouraged to use bumpers on their ROBOTS. Bumpers can reduce
damage to ROBOTS when they contact another ROBOT or field elements. Teams may
choose to use STANDARD BUMPERS or custom bumper designs. STANDARD
BUMPERS have several advantages, such as being excluded from the calculation of the
ROBOT weight and volume limitations specified in Rule <R07>.
TEAMS that choose to use
STANDARD BUMPERS, will have both a more robust ROBOT and the traction advantage
of a heavier ROBOT. Alternately, TEAMS may develop custom bumper designs for use on
their ROBOTS. However, custom bumper designs are NOT eligible for the weight/volume
exclusion offered for STANDARD BUMPERS.