bumpers for the front

our robot front looks like the chiefdelphi 47 angled front. Can we do this? what about the bumpers and the 6 " rule?
can anyone help?

Our robot base looks very similar like the chiefdelphi robot with the angular front. Are we going to be ok, by adding bumpers on the angled sides or do we have to have 6" horizontal front bumpers?

Please search. There’s several of these threads already.

A picture or drawing would be useful. I’m not sure what robot you’re talking about.


go to www.chiefdelphi.com/media/img/7ae/7ae1c6c901e1d0c5d089e330b85e801c_m.jpg

That’s not ChiefDelphi 47’s robot. That’s Carmen from Team 842 in AZ. They have modified the design since posting that picture.