Bumpers included in the 45 lbs.

Hi my FRC team was wondering if the bumpers were included the 45 lbs weight limit? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


4.5.3 R18
At an Event, Teams may have access to a static set of FABRICATED ITEMS that shall not exceed 45 lbs to be used to
repair and/or upgrade their ROBOT. Items made at an Event do not count towards this weight limit.
For Teams attending 2-Day Events, these FABRICATED ITEMS may be used during the Robot Access Period and/or
brought to the Event, but the total weight may not exceed 45 lbs. FABRICATED ITEMS constructed during the Robot
Access Period and bagged with the ROBOT are exempt from this limit.
Items exempt from this limit are:
C. any ROBOT battery assemblies (as described in R5-A).

Are the battery and battery assembly included in any weighing of either the robot or the 45lbs. you can take?

Neither the battery nor bumpers are included as part of the robot during inspection or the 45 pounds withholding allowance.

Eli, if you look above you can see that 4.5.3 R18 states that the battery and related assemblies does not count against the 45 lbs you can withhold. And section 4.1, Rule 5A states that the battery and related assembles do not count towards the 120 lb weight limit.

4.1 R5

The ROBOT weight may not exceed 120 lbs. When determining weight, the basic ROBOT structure and all elements of all additional MECHANISMS that might be used in different configurations of the ROBOT shall be weighed together.

For the purposes of determining compliance with the weight limitations, the items listed below are not included in the weight assessment:

A. the ROBOT battery and its associated half of the Anderson cable quick connect/disconnect pair (including no more than 12 in. of cable per leg, the associated cable lugs, connecting bolts, and insulation) and
B. BUMPERS (including BUMPER covers, if appropriate).

Please, please, read the manual before posting rules questions to Chief Delphi. It can be found at http://frc-manual.usfirst.org. Almost every question you have asked so far has been easily answered by simply reading the rules.