Anyone come across a quick detach kit for mounting bumpers?


This what we use

This is all I get when I visit the link.

Sorry not gonna work that way. Look at the adjustable length clevis pins at mcmastercarr or tractor supply

Our bumpers don’t detach… We use a reversible system. We can flip from red and blue by moving our reversible flap that has red on one side and blue on the other. We flip them up and down but I know some other teams go left to right. It only takes us about 30 second to flip four (4) corner bumpers (last years) and about 45 seconds to do two (2) full side coverage bumpers (2 years ago). If you want to see what the look like message me and I will get you a picture. Hope this helped!!! :slight_smile:

Ours are reversible also but we still make them come off fast with the Clevis pins for inspections.

Could I please have a picture of this? It sounds very interesting and convenient.
Thank you!

Yes, reversible bumpers are the thing of the future :slight_smile:
I hope this helps:


If they don’t detach how do you take them off to get weighed during inspection?

You can remove reversible bumpers, they’re just not intended to be removed routinely.

95 has used reversibles the past few seasons and we’ll never go back. We remove them once or twice per event for weigh in and inspection, the rest of the time they’re rigidly mounted.

We attach the bumpers with a bolt through the c-channel in to the back of the bumper so we can remove them when we need to. It is just much easier to flip to our alliance color in between matches.

That’s what I figured. 1058 has been running the same system for years so I was just making sure when you said they weren’t removable that you knew they had to be taken off.

Yes! The should be attached on this post… If not let me know (:

Team 1939 will be posting a tutorial soon on how we make our bumpers. But we have a bumper that can transform into blue from red and vice versa easily and secure with velcro. It’s by far the most efficient thing we’ve done with bumpers thus far.
Tutorial will be posted this week.
Good luck!

Our team uses reversible bumpers with Velcro as well, and they’ve been wonderful. I wrote a white paper for Chief Delphi with complete instructions and pictures recently. It’s called Flip Bumper Pattern.