Hi we are trying to find pool noodles for the bumpers of our robot but we can not find them anywhere. None of the pool stores are open and they do not have them on Wal Mart or any other stores like that. Does anyone know an online source where we can find them. (Preferably online unless in Somerset Count NJ)


We usually send out an email to robotics parents and to the high school teachers asking for pool noodle donations. Many families buy new noodles at the beginning of the summer and are happy to donate their old noodles to a good cause.

The best time to get time is at the end of the summer when they go on sale.

It is worth calling your local sporting goods store, like dickssportinggoods or Sports Authority and asking the manager if they have a case in the back.

If so, buy the case.

Did you find the toy dept. manager, and ask if they have any in back? If not, you might want to try…that’s how we found some Oribit balls, and the same person who knew about the balls was in charge of pool toys too.

if you have a Pinch-a-Penny pool store,

they usually have them year round

You can also check out some health/yoga supply places. There are a bunch of exercises that need a Pool Noodle style foam thingy, and it works just the same.