Bumping from underneath

Can you bump the trackball off from directlly underneath the overpass?

Nothing disallows it.

Why wouldent you be able to man beside the fact that first made this game up:)

Not only is it legal, I’d reccommend doing so. My friend and I were fooling around after a meeting, and we tried all sorts of ways to punch it off- it seemed like constantly pushing it was the best bet. Unfortunatly, this method can be very slow.

So then, he decided to crouch down and run underneath it- and it popped right up! :yikes:

One of our team members discovered the perfect ball removing device…in the KOP…it is used to bump from underneath.

…if the ball’s covered in yarn…](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/img/c2f/c2f95c3accc599bd1c93553beebc3644_l.jpg)

Umm, OK, so what is it?

We were thinking a pneumatic piston, makes sense to me!

uhhh I don’t remember getting any pneumatic pistons in the kit… We can get 3 free but not officially the kit

The sample bumper foam! try it…hold it at a 45 degree angle so the end would hit the ball, pretend it’s attached to the top of the robot, walk quickly under the ball resting on the overpass, see if it knocks the ball off.

It’s flexible too.

Actuating it might not be too difficult, we have a bunch of Vex servos

Thanks, that’s brilliant. And soft, too.