Bumping resets bot

Hey there…
We are currently testing our code, everything in Hybrid seems to be working as planned, but one thing…
Every time we bump into something the whole mode simple resets itself and auto starts from point 0.
anyone knows what should we do?

Are you sure all your wiring is tight? It sounds like your robot controller is being reset and loose connections tend to do that.

We thought so too, but apparently it’s not it.
Though the bumping is anything but gentle…so will be the case in the game…
We don’t want our hybrid restarting in the game now, don’t we =]

Could it have anything to do with the gyro ?

It certainly could but we cannot help you without seeing your code. Just about anything is possible in programming.

You could try disconnecting or disabling the gyro and see what happens…

Last year we had to have a delay to initialize the gyro after power on. If we didn’t, we’d get extremely irradic behavior out of it. If you think it’s gyro related, you could try this.

Can you tell if the whole RC is being reset? Do you see any indicator lights on the OI that say the RC lost power, reset, etc (don’t remember the exact LED labels atm)?

Another item to consider - if you’re bumping, does that also mean that your motors are temporarily stalling? If so, you might be resetting your RC due to voltage dips if your battery is a bit low on charge.