BunnyBots 2015: Danger Zone


Team 1540 proudly presents the 2015 BunnyBots challenge…Danger Zone!

Danger Zone, simply put, is the football game you’ve been waiting for. Featuring handoffs, foam footballs, and legalized high-speed ramming, Danger Zone is fun for the whole (robot) family. We’ve spent a lot of time working on these rules, and we think that BunnyBots 2015 will be the most entertaining BunnyBots yet.

We’ll be hosting the Portland event on December 19th at Catlin Gabel School with load-in on the 18th. If you’re interested in hosting your very own BunnyBots event, get in touch with us at robotics@catlin.edu - we’d love to see more events in new places.

Rules, registration, and event details can be found at team1540.org/bunnybots/. Once you’ve registered, be sure to subscribe to this thread and like the BunnyBots page on Facebook to stay current on game and event updates.

Good luck, and we’ll see you at the competition!

The rules have been updated to V1.1. The new rule is:

Robots may not damage game pieces in consistent ways as a function of their design. During robot inspection teams with suspect mechanisms will need to demonstrate to the inspector that the balls won’t be damaged significantly. Referees will require robots that consistently damage balls to be re-inspected. Robots must pass inspection in order to play. Download the new rules at www.team1540.org/bunnybots

A few rule updates have been posted. Download the new set at www.team1540.org/bunnybots.

G7: If a football exits the field, ball retrievers not affiliated with the teams playing will give the ball to the nearest human player. If that player already has a ball in their grabber they’ll give it to the other human player on the same alliance. If both human players already have a ball in their grabber then the ball retriever will gently throw the ball back on the field. Human players re-introduce balls into play with their grabbers. Balls can not rest outside of the field for longer than it takes to be retrieved. They must be in the grabber of human players or inside the field boundary. This is to prevent ball hoarding strategies.

P9: No high speed ramming is allowed in the home and end zones. Yellow and Red cards at the referee’s discretion.

P17: Robots intentionally possessing more than two footballs will receive a red card. This was included before but is now also in the penalties section.

I would love to read this, but in two days of trying, I haven’t been able to get your site, or the PDF to load. Bandwidth issues?

I would love to read this, but in two days of trying, I haven’t been able to get your site, or the PDF to load. Bandwidth issues?

That’s strange, it works at our end. Here’s a Google Docs link.

Hello! I just had a quick question about the rules that were addressed by my team, the Cloverbots.

So in the game rules, it refers to a game piece as a football or a bunny. In the rules, however, it says 1) you can only hold one football at a time 2) you can only hold one bunny at a time. Does this mean you can hold a football and a bunny at the same time? Thank you!


You bet, no problem holding both at the same time.