BunnyBots 2017

BunnyBots 2017, “Hide and Seek” is now a thing. Rules and details can be found at www.team1540.org/bunnybots. The competition will take place Dec 9th, earlier than normal.

This program is a big deal here in the Pacific Northwest as teams have found that the best way for new members to learn how to build a robot is to actually build a robot! BunnyBots gives teams a low-stress way to get their new members up to speed building a FRC-class machine for a simpler game than is typical for FRC.

Want to host BunnyBots in your area? It’s easy. PM me.

Also new this year is a contest sponsored by our friends at Autodesk Synthesis. Two $500 prizes for the teams showing the best use of that FRC simulation tool in the development of their BunnyBot.

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Looks like another fun game!

It amazing to me that no one does this outside the PNW. It is truly an indespesible learning experience for young students and new designers. Thank you for hosting once again.

Does anyone know if we are allowed to throw bunnies across the field. I looked at the official rules and I couldn’t find anything about throwing bunnies.

There’s no rule that would prevent that and the bunnies would likely enjoy it.

I know this is a very simple field. However, has anyone created a field model (including the buckets) in CAD?

Synthesis (the Autodesk robot simulator) has the 2017 Bunny Bots field (download the field at http://bxd.autodesk.com/synthesis/videochallenge.html at the bottom of the page)

This is great, but it doesn’t have the actual CAD files. Only the Synthesis field files.

I’m pretty sure the autodesk BXD folks did CAD the game pieces. Post your question in the BXD forum https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/bxd-synthesis/ct-p/97 or email [email protected]. I think they just forgot to post the files.

The rules have been updated to 1.11. Just a small addition to the “Bunnies and Setup” section. We never said you couldn’t do this but we never made it clear you could either.

“Once the one minute setup period has concluded, teams can adjust the starting position of the robots on their side of the field if they so choose.” See the rules, as usual, at www.team1540.org/bunnybots

By the way, you can check your registration and payment status at www.team1540.org/registration-status/ BunnyBots is getting full so if you are considering a second robot or registering your first, this would be the time.

Good and bad news. BunnyBots 2017 is now full at 25 robots, a record!

Team 2898’s Bunnybot teaser!

Another teaser! This time from team 2521!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. There will be a live stream of the event to be found at www.team1540.org/bunnybots. The drivers meeting starts at 9:30am PST and matches start at 10:00am PST. Alliance selection and elimination matches start at 3:00pm PST.

By the way, the rules have been updated to 1.12 today. The only change is laser pointers are not allowed.

Better late than never. Here are the three 1540 BunnyBots.

Team Mean Machine robot reveal.
Presenting Screamin’ Demon!

Scanse Sweep? That’s a really nice robot!

I’ll shine up your trophy to add to your collection!

BunnyBot was great. This video clip shows a highly unlikely sequence that resulted in a win for 3711G.

If any of y’all want to take a closer look at our bunny bot, we have our cad for Screamin’ Demon up on our website, https://team2471.org/resources/cads/

Thanks for sharing! That was one completely awe inspiring robot. We’ve come to expect no less from Mean Machine.