BunnyBots 2018

I’m pleased to announce that registration for FIRST Robotics Competiton teams is now open for BunnyBots 2018, our pre-season robotics competition. This is currently available to teams who can make it to Portland, OR Dec 22nd or Chesapeake region Dec 15th thanks to our partners FRC 449. Space is limited in both so register promptly.

BunnyBots is celebrating it’s 10th season with Pack ‘Em Up, a whimsical game using 30 of last year’s crates, 240 racket balls and, of course, bunnies. We expect BunnyBots to sell out as it did last year so register early. Check out the rules at www.team1540.org/bunnybots. It’s the perfect way to get new members up to speed and for veteran members to learn something new.

If you are taking part subscribe to this thread so you’ll find out about rule updates.

Rules updated to 1.2 to slow down ball starvation strategies. Balls are now placed by field reset crew and robots may not store a significant number of balls internally.

Thanks a ton for making this fun game for teams to play. I have a few questions.

What color is the ball that can be preloaded before the match?

Can you give an idea how the balls will be distributed before the match?

As in:
Will they be placed at random by the field reset after the robots are set up or will the be placed before robots, and teams will have to work around them? Will there be roughly an even number of balls on each side?
Will the balls on each side of the field be roughly 50% red or blue?

Preloaded balls can be either color. Why you’d load your opposing alliance’s ball is anyone’s guess but you could.

The field reset crew/refs will attempt to make sure there is a roughly even distribution of balls on each side of the field and they are roughly 50-50 red and blue. Sometimes the fates may favor you and sometimes not. They won’t be counting the balls, just glancing over them visually.

Rules have been updated to 1.22 to make this clear, thanks Bryce.

Have any teams working on Bunnybot developed a drawing for this year’s field layout? Hopefully including lines marking the different zones and starting locations.


There aren’t any zones at this point, just a midline. The robots start anywhere along their alliance’s back wall. So draw a 28’ x 54’ rectangle, draw a center line. Done.

The rules have been updated to version 2.0 due to a significant rethinking of autonomous. They that no longer reward teams crossing the centerline as that could just encourage the creation of “Chaos Bots” who just cause disruption of the opposing alliance’s carefully created autos. Auto now reads:

“Robots who cross fully over the centerline during auto incur a 20 point penalty. If they come in contact with an opposing robot while on the opposing side the of the field during auto, they’ll incur another 20 point penalty for each instance. The centerline will be marked with 4” wide white gaffers tape. This is the only white tape on the field.”

Thanks to SERT 2521 for catching this.

Thanks for the quick update, Dale!

One more clarifying questions: in update 1.23 a rule was added allowing balls to be displaced in order to make room for a robot. Is it (or should it be) legal to displace balls in order to make room for crates during the setup period?

As long as the resulting ball placement isn’t strategic that’s fine. The refs/reset crew might readjust them if it seems like it might be.

Rules updated to 2.01. Under penalties, robots may not store a significant number of opponent’s balls in a crate under a robot’s control.

Rules updated to 2.02. Under “Scoring” a clarification that balls need only be fully supported by a crate in contact with the carpet to score. They don’t have to be contained within it. Previously that was stated both ways in that section.

Also do take note under Robot Rules that robots must have a minimum of .5” of ground clearance. That rule has always been there but some teams may have overlooked it. This is due to the seams in the carpet. Yes this may make ball collection a tad harder.

Rules updated to 2.03. Just reaffirming that robots must have at least .5" ground clearance at all times. Some teams aren’t taking that seriously. You can’t go lower even momentarily during ball intake or crate/bunny manipulation. This isn’t a rule change but just makes it hard to miss.

It hardly seems possible but BunnyBots is this Saturday 12/22 at Catlin Gabel School in Portland, OR. We sold out this year at 25 teams so it’s going to be lots of fun. Teams arrive at 8:00am -9:00am. Drivers meeting at 9:30, competitions start at 10. Alliance selection at 3:00 followed by eliminations.

Please confirm that at NO TIME any part of the robot, other than the wheels, is closer than .5” from the ground, even momentarily. Ball intakes are notorious violators of this. This has been in the rules all along but it’s easy to forget.

Also, make sure there’s a flag holder on your robot since that’s how alliances are indicated. Finally confirm your team number is on at least two sides of the robot.

This would be a good time to read the rules one last time. It’s all at www.team1540.org/bunnybots

There will only limited time for practice Saturday morning. You might get one match in. However, the field will be open Friday night from 6:30pm until 9:30 if that’s helpful.

The pit area, first come first served, is open from 5:30pm - 9:30pm Friday you want to avoid the rush.

We hope to have a live stream again this year but our AV resources are spread thin. This link will be posted at the top of www.team1540.org/bunnybots if we can make it happen.

Team 2521 SERT is proud to reveal their 2018 bunny bot - FROG!
(its official this time)](https://twitter.com/synthesis_adsk/status/1073397447530041344)


So excited to compete with you guys tomorrow :slight_smile:

Wow, that robot looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see it in action :slight_smile:

I’ve got your trophies waiting for you. Amazing job!