Bunnybots 2019

The rules for this fall’s 2019 PNW Bunnybots competition, “Knock Out”, have now been posted at www.team1540.org/bunnybots. The competition will take place Dec 21st in Portland, Oregon so this is mainly of interest to PNW teams.

However, those in the Chesapeake region can join in the fun with a different game being hosted by team 449. They’ll make their own announcement.

Bunnybots is a way for students to learn the design and fabrication skills they’ll need during the build season by making FRC-class robots for a unique and whimsical game. These robots are student designed and built with advice from their long-suffering mentors.

For those interested in taking part in the PNW event, should register and get their fees in promptly. In the past we’ve been selling out at 24 teams each year leaving some folks disappointed. Don’t let that be you!

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By the way, the link to the CHS version of Bunnybots on the east coast is https://robot.mbhs.edu/bunnybots. These are different games so be sure you are looking at the right one!


rules question: Are the tubs placed before or after the robots are placed on the field?

They’ll be placed in the chaos between matches so teams may want to readjust their robot positions once the dust has settled. We’ll try to get them placed first before all the cubes are collected so teams have an idea.

Hey Dale, We’re wondering what is considered “180 degrees of complete, continuous, unobstructed physical access”. For example, in the pictures below, both cubes have 180 degrees of access, depending on how far access is measured. Is access considered to be infinite across the robot on the plane parallel to the floor?

Assuming in the first image that the barrier is higher than 1" that cube would be “obstructed” so hence it would not score. Assuming the barrier in the second image is 1" or less, that cube would score. Does that help?

Your explanation makes sense, however I’m still wondering on what plane access is measured on. In the examples below, the cubes sit on a 10 degree incline. The incline rises over an inch, so that if access is measured parallel to the carpet, the cubes would be illegal. However, if access is measured parallel to the bed, then both examples should be legal. Which of the cubes below would be legal?

All of the measurements and rules are relative to the carpet, not the bed. That means, assuming the first diagram has an incline less than 10 degrees relative to the carpet, that cube would score.

I’m going to take a whack at rewording this rule to make it more clear.

I have 2 questions:

  1. On penalty rule 3, you mentioned a 4x4 boundary, what 4x4 are you referring to? (im guessing the field guards).
  2. According to penalty rule 2, any cube that had touched the ground cannot be manipulated?

do you mean the 180 degree access is relative to the cube while the bed angle is relative to the carpet? since on the first diagram if 180 degree access is relative to the carpet it’ll interfere with the bed (horizontal line from cube on first diagram)

The rules have been updated to 1.1 to address these questions. The allowed 10 degree slant of the robot bed was there to give teams construction leeway in it’s construction. That was getting too weird because teams were looking to use it for other purposes. Version 1.1 just says:

“The bed platform must remain essentially parallel with the floor as determined visually by the referees except during impact, rocking due to a dropped-center drive train, or robot acceleration/deacceleration. None of the robot’s cubes will score otherwise.”

That makes it clearer about cube access as well.

The rules around Cube control have been updated to clarify those questions as well. Yes, the 4x4s are the field boundary. That word was added.

ah that makes more sense, thanks for clearing that up. i was planning on intentionally have like a bowl shaped bed lol

i just made an extremely rough model of the 2019 Bunnybots field from what i’ve been able to interpret from the manual
2019 bunnybots field.step (1.7 MB)

Thanks! The tubs should be flipped 90 degrees so their long side is parallel with the centerline. Also, all of the tubs will be red. Some teams may add their own reflective tape to those red tubs, however. The tub positioning on the centerline is up to the field reset crew. They COULD be all equally spaced like you have it but may not.

thank you! i’m not going to be able to physically participate since i live in Florida on team 5145 WolfBotics, but i’m going to design a robot to practice my CAD skills for the upcoming season! :):grinning:

I’m an alum but I may or may be cadding a bot too :wink:
In curious about how others are attempting this game. Would you be willing to pm me your design when youre done with it?

of course! i love the name “designated freshman” btw

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Does the 180 degree access rule extend above the cube?

does anyone have a cad model of the tubs used?

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You mean besides the rule that states:
No portion of the robot can extend over the top of the bed. It can’t be covered in other words.