BunnyBots 2021

I’m delighted to announce that, after a year off in COVID-induced hiatus, BunnyBots is back! It’s a fantastically effective way to get new students (of which we all have a lot) up to speed building FRC-class robots before the FRC season. Of interest to PNW teams at this point, “Splash 'n Dash” will be different than anything we’ve done before. It’s hosted in Portland, OR at Catlin Gabel School by team 1540.

Water in the winter will be a good excuse to try out that rain/snow suit in your closet!

COVID-19 has caused us to re-think having a gym crammed with 400 screaming fans so this year BunnyBots will be outside in the parking lot…in December…in the rain. That gives us the opportunity to do things we’ve never been able to before, like include water as a scoring element. Robots thus need to be water resistant and happy running on asphalt.

This game is designed to be super easy to host. No complicated elements to build, just good robofun. If you are interested, PM me.

If you have questions about the game rules, post them here unless they need to be confidential in which case email yocumd (at-sign) catlin (dot) edu.

See the rules and register at www.team1540.org/bunnybots


First update of the year! The rules have been updated to 1.1 with the following Robot rule update.

“To discourage ball hoarding strategies, during inspection teams must demonstrate that their robot is capable of holding no more than 25 balls, regardless of color.”

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Hi! Our team was just curious if the new rule where you can’t hold more than 25 balls would be fine to solve with programming and a sensor. Like after the 25th ball it wouldn’t be able to take in more even though the actual robot would be capable of holding more. We just wanted to make sure that if the actual hopper could hold more that wouldn’t affect us in inspection. Thanks!

Ball limits are meant to be physical limits, not ones limited by software and sensor accuracy.


That will teach me to respond to posts late at night! Corrected.