Burlington, VT offseason event?

The University of Vermont is considering hosting an offseason event in the summer of 2020. I’m looking to the community to see if there’s enough teams that would be interested in going to such an event that would make it feasible. We’re hoping to start with 20 teams, dorms will be available for lodging, and food would be on campus.

UVM is located in the heart of Burlington, VT and there are a wide array of fun activities that could be rolled into the event if it runs. Please reply if you think you would be interested - it’s not a commitment, we’re just seeing if there’s enough teams to start planning.


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95 is interested of course.

You know Tech Storm is going to be there!

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If you can get Bernie to be there as a guest I’ll be there to volunteer.

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I’m not saying the Pandamaniacs are nuts enough to travel further than they ever had in sixteen seasons…but we are curious, and this event does tick a lot of the concerns we tend to have about overnight travel.

I made this for you. Good luck with your event.


I will come , freinds in the area. WHether my team can come is not certain - hope so. VT strong!