Burning Jaguars Out

So we are a rookie team, and having a BIG problem.

We have a black jaguar controlling our 2.5 Motor that is attached to our pulley system, and they keep giving up on us. The light stops, and a clicking noise starts.

As far as we know everything is wired correctly and programmed correctly using a individual motor control in Labview. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, as this is getting rather expensive since we have lost 3 jaguars to this. I can supply any information anyone wants, but I am not even sure where to start.

Thanks a bunch!


How is the motor attached? What is the reduction of the gearbox if any? Is a breaker installed on the power distribution board? Is the polarity correct on the input (reverse polarity destroys them). Is the fan covered? There are many possible problems depending on any of these questions,

The motor is attached to a cimple box and with no gear reduction then wired to the jaguar which is wired to the PDB with 12 gauge wire and a 40 AMP breaker. Yes the polarity is correct, and the fan is not covered.

We know that the jaguars are sensitive to debris, but there is no possible way it could have gotten any with it being brand new.

Just to clarify the clicking noise is coming from the PDB, which I assume is the AMP, because the jaguar isn’t turning on.

We had a black Jag fail short on the input like this earlier this season as well. The clicking you are hearing is the 40A breaker rapidly tripping. We were pretty certain (but not 100%) that no debris got inside and I opened it up and didn’t observe any debris.

The jag worked fine for a probably at least 15-20 total minutes of robot run time before failing and one that was directly subbed for it has lasted for a minimum of 1-2 hrs of drivetime without failing.

The jag that failed drove one side on the stock KOP drivetrain, lowered 6 wheel drive with 8" andymark rubber wheels. Driving just the middle wheels with 1 CIM per side though a CIMple and 12:26 sprocket ratio.

Yea it is pretty much the same thing happening to us. Any ideas how you fixed this besides just putting another in. We have tried that twice and both failed.

I couldn’t find anything wrong with the wiring or jag itself so we just replaced it and haven’t had any issues with the new one.

Mostly I was trying to help with a confirmation of this type of failure in a slightly different setup. I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread to see if a cause gets tracked down.

Same with both of our black jags, hardly any load and no debris.

I believe the issue in your case must be due to the lack of reduction stalling the motor, though it should not ruin the Jaguar instantly continuous stalling of a motor could possibly fry it. Was there smoke? Our team has smoked two jaguars either due to reverse polarity or debris.

No see that’s the weird thing that I am not getting, is there is no smoke it just quits. When I open them up I see nothing wrong. So what would you recommend to do to fix this, because we obviously can’t keep doing this.

I have only seen one jaguar go without any smoke, but anything can happen.
I would recommend finding a way to either gear down the CIM in a gearbox or with a “belt system” You should never run a motor like that without any reduction. You might also have to switch the motors if you are unable to gear it down. Don’t run the robot again until you have sprayed out all metal shavings and for any further work, cover all electronics. I think at this point only use your jaguars to test for short periods also even with reduction. You may need to and some at the competition if you are running low on them. Hopefully this will be of some help to you.