Bus accident?

Local news is reporting a bus accident this morning in Hartford CT was carry a robotics team to an event (kickoff)? If any one has info please pass it on.

This is horrible, Does anyone know what school it is?


Not exactly sure which team though.
Sad news. On behalf of myself, & my team 237 I hope everyone is ok!

I think it’s a rookie team 3125.http://www.ghafirstrobotics.org/

Prayers out to all involved.

Police said the bus was carrying students in grades 7 through 12 from Hartford Academy Of Mathematics And Science to a robotics competition. Radio is reporting some bad injuries.

Aw man. They’re listing one dead now.

That sounds horrible! And on what was supposed to be such an exiting day too! I wish them luck in their recovery.

I saw 1 dead, 17 injured.

Wow, our thoughts are with the team…

-Team 399

Prayers are with the team and family.

I know we have slightly different priorities on this day, (but this puts a lot into perspective when this happens to members of our ever-growing FIRST family) & I wonder if this news will reach the kickoff up in NH & possibly have an impromptu moment of silence during the broadcast for those affected.

Prayers to the friends, families, & those involved with the accident! :frowning:

From both myself and team 1501, our thoughts and prayers are with those affected.

I have made a phone call and text message to people there. They may be able to get word on stage.

Yeah, it’s flying all over Facebook & Twitter as well.


This is absolutely tragic. My heart goes out to all family and friends of those involved. Accidents like this always raise the question of why bad things happen to good people.

Once again, I extend my sympathy to all those involved and I send my wishes that everyone else will come out okay.

Our prayers and thoughts are with those on team 3125.


This is horrible! My team and me send our sympathy to the people involved and hope for a full and fast recovery of all those who got injured!

Suddenly FIRST-day got a lot sadder…

Mine and 810’s thoughts are with 3125

:frowning: Very sad story indeed. My prayers to team 3125 from team 2001