button control

im trying to activate moters for a certain amount of time with a press of a button on the joystick. how do you make a button code?

You could set a flag and use a counter. It would probably look something like this:
static int flag = 0;
static int counter = 0;

flag = 1;

if(flag && counter < some_number)
//your code
flag = 0;
counter = 0;
I’m probably missing something, but that’s the general idea. I think there are about 40 loop counts in one second.

For each port on your OI, you have px_sw_top, px_sw_trig, px_sw_aux1, and px_sw_aux2 with “x” being the appropriate port number. Each of these corresponds with a button or a trigger on whatever joystick is plugged into the port (trig and top being the most obvious).

Your code should look something like this when you program the buttons:


…and so on from there.

Remember that buttons are digital devices; they are either on or off (1 or 0, respectively).

To control time, we’ve always simply defined a static unsigned int to 0 and incremented it for each loop of the processor. It takes a lot of playing around to get the values right. There are other ways to do this, as stated above, but that is one of your options.

Hopefully that helps. :slight_smile: