Button in Labview

I can’t find a thing in labview that is a beige area with an arrow pointing right. Then in green it says Button 1. Where is it?https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-FI71tMfP3lQ/WJjtDeh2anI/AAAAAAAAADI/YWKq0KJvOAUljL_ScT17nLvGV8znvR17QCLcB/s1600/Capture.PNG

That’s the output of an Array To Cluster after it’s Unbundled By Name, Third icon on the block diagram function menu *Cluster, Class & Variant

*It’s an outdated way of breaking out Joystick array elements.

So what one do I pick from that menu?

So, starting from a Joystick Get Values vi,

  • Hover over the buttons output node, right-click and choose Array Palette
    ->Array To Cluster - Drop the icon on the block diagram and wire it to the button output node
  • On the *Array To Cluster *
    output, right-click and choose Cluster, Class & Variant Palette->Unbundle By Name - Drop the icon on the block diagram and wire it to the Array To Cluster output node
    *]Finally, if you hover over the bottom middle of the Button box you will see a small blue square and the pointer will turn to a double-headed arrow. Click and hold on the blue square and drag it down to expose more buttons.