button maker

my team is looking for low-priced button makers around 3" in diameter. If anyone can refer us, we would greatly appreciate it.

I’m not sure how you define low, but we use Dr. Don’s Buttons. We actually have the 2 1/4 size, but they make a 3 inch version as well. And the buttons are very easy to make. (Although your arm gets sore after a hundred or so buttons!)


I have always used Badge-A-Minit.

They are about as inexpensive as I’ve seen out there, and they have free shipping. Below is the link to how to buy a machine to get started:

Check with your art teacher and see if he has a button maker. It is a lot cheaper to buy the parts then having them made professionally and they look great too.

We have been using this machine (not in 3" but in the more standard 2.25" button size)

This machine has worked very well for several years… pretty bullet proof and we believe the best for the money

also compare the prices of this company to the others … they are much cheaper from our experience…

1000 button sets (2.25" size)

Badge a minit $169.95 (includes shipping)
Dr. Don’s $109.95 (+ $18.49 shipping) = $128.44
American button machines $59.95 (+29.14 shipping) = $89.09

all of these are with shipping to Seattle Washington so your shipping charges may vary…

Just be careful to get the right pinback sets for the size and machine you have. This company has pin backs for badgeaminit and the other machines.

Another item you might want to purchase is this punch…

It will save you a TON of time cutting out button blanks…if you can afford it.

Whatever you do DON’T waste you time with the little hand-held button makers … they will not really work well and you will have a hard time making consistent buttons…

We make something like 2000-3000 buttons each season using this little machine and punch…and a color copier…

Have fun
let me know if you have any questions…

We buy from a company in Indianapolis called “Mr. Button”.

What is kinda cool is that our last trip there to pick up supplies, they were making and packaging FIRST “Drive Team” buttons!

We order ours from PureButtons. They have really competitive prices and ship really fast!

We always use them too. Great quality stuff, and yes they are very inexpensive. Everything is on sale right now, or at least the things I bought were. We had to order 2,000 buttons, and I believe everything I ordered was half off. They make three inch buttons as well. One thing I do suggest, if you have the money and you are buying from Badge A Minit, is something called a cut a circle. It will cut the buttons out for you, and makes life a lot easier. :slight_smile: