Button making companies?

Our team is looking to outsource our button making to a company next year. Any suggestions from companies that you have used?

Our team used Dr. Don’s Buttons for our 2004 buttons and then this year we bought one of their button makers and button supplies from them. I didn’t do the research on the price for making buttons, but I did do the research on button supplies and they were one of the most affordable. They also sell button supplies for some of the Badge-a-Minit machines.

Also, I misplaced an order this year and they responded right away to my e-mail about it and corrected it with no problem, so I can’t say we have any regrets about going with them.


Here is a thread about sources for button making. :slight_smile:

I very highly recommend Everyone Loves Buttons (http://www.elbusa.com). I’ve worked with them for three years now, and have always gotten quality products. Their buttons are well made, and the printing is very sharp and professional.

We make our own, and a mix of students make them.
It is a good way to get many people involved, it is not hard.

I liked the idea in a earlier thread that each student has to make a certain number to be ablr to go to the championships…

(look out, Cyber Blue :slight_smile: )

We use the badge-a-minit machines, and make our own. One of the mentors prints up the logos and we circle cut them out and put them together. It’s actually a good team building assembly line-type deal. And the kids on the team don’t mind TOO much ~_^

TheButtonstore.com has a special deal just for robotics teams.
They are a very nice place and we order our buttons from them every year.
They are also very fast as we get our buttons with in about a week.

We can help with teams wanting buttons made. We are from Team 64- The Gila Monsters. My son who is a member of the build team is starting his own button making side job.

We have great software and the ability to make 2 1/4 size buttons. If you need another size contact us. We will make buttons at a very reasonable prices for our FIRST Friends.

Contact us at: weightmn@hotmail.com


Team 1027 gets our buttons from Dinn Brothers Trophies. They do a great job and are not expensive. www.dinntrophy.com or 1-800-628-9557.